About Us

Like all folks in the Ozarks, we love to barbeque.  For most it is enough to just eat it, but we love to cook it as well. Over the years we tested and adjusted our techniques for smoking the meats until we finally got it just right.

During that time, we searched for a sauce that could partner with the meats, but could not find one that would do what we wanted.  That is to say combine sweet and tangy flavors just in the right mixture.  So, we made our own sauce.

It took a lot of different approaches, but we finally got it just right.  Our friends and family loved it so much, they encouraged us to start a restaurant and that is what we did.  It took off beautifully , but due to economic decline we shut the doors.  However, everyone clamored for the sauce, so we now bring you our original sweet and tangy sorghum based gourmet BBQ sauce made by our family in southern Missouri.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!